Breakfast tacos at The Cow’s End Cafe

It’s the post that truly matters. The reason one goes to LA. The thing that keeps y’all alive… FOOD!

When I traveled to LA back in April 2019, I had a list of cuisines I wanted to make sure I had. Mexican, In-N-Out, tacos, seafood. I was naive and now have even more items I need to try. Since then, I’ve watched documentaries and actually experienced the city, so I know there is so much more the city has to offer!

Venice Beach

The first place I hit up was Cow’s End Cafe in Venice Beach. This adorable cafe is on Washington Boulevard. I ordered iced coffee and breakfast tacos. Words cannot describe what a delightful way this was to start my time in LA.

While in the Venice Beach area, I also stopped by Blue Star Donuts and Coffee, Noah’s NY Bagels, and In-N-Out.

I had to go with animal style for both my fries and burger. Animal style for the burger 10/10. I wasn’t in love with animal style on the fries though.

Culver City

I visited my friend who stays in Culver City. While there I got more tacos at Tito’s Tacos and Sage Plant Based Bistro. The tacos were awesome! They were simple beef tacos, but they were so good! Sage is a vegan restaurant serving delightful entrees and beer. My friend was vegan at the time, and I try to watch my dairy intake. It was awesome to eat at a place that offered tasty vegan items that also weren’t outrageously priced. I know when I lived in Michigan there were few vegan places, and the best quality one was unfortunately expensive. They are known for their buffalo cauliflower and after trying it, it’s no surprise! Each bite was full of flavor! Sage has a few other locations, so if you’re not in the Culver City area, check out their website to see if there’s a location near you. There’s one near Echo Park, which is another popular touristy place.

Honestly, don’t remember what these were. I think the butternut squash ravioli. I know they were amazing!

Yes, I did take a bite before snagging a picture

Beverly Hills

20/10 recommend RockTail hour

Happy Hour offered daily


I didn’t spend too much time here and honestly most of the time here was spent walking around. But the one place I did stop to get a drink and appetizer was RockSugar Southeast Kitchen. I hit up happy hour, which helped with all of the costs of eating out in LA. They call their happy hour deals RockTail. They offer plenty of great cocktail and appetizer choices that end up leaving you full and satisfied without breaking the bank a block away from Rodeo Drive. I also loved the ambience of RockSugar. The decor and seating arrangements offered a high-end feel, as expected in Beverly Hills.

Los Feliz/East Hollywood

Ice cream YUM!!


Coffee and avocado

What more could you want? 😉

I spent some time in East Hollywood/Los Feliz. While there I went to the ever popular McConnell’s ice cream parlor and Go Get Em Tiger for breakfast. That location of McConnell’s isn’t open anymore, but I strongly suggest hitting up the California staple. There are locations in Studio City and downtown LA. If you’re going a bit north along the Pacific Coast, there are multiple locations in Santa Barbara too!

Tacos Tu Madre was yet another taco place I went to. While here I got carne asada and pastor street tacos. I also treated myself and tried the red velvet churros. A little bit of a different taste, but I liked them! Tacos Tu Madre has multiple locations throughout the LA area. I love their ambience. Their ‘logo’ is, “Make Tacos Not War.” Super cool vibe. They have burritos too, but I definitely recommend any of the tacos.

This may sound like a lot, but most of these places were amazing! I think the only thing I wouldn’t care for eating again is In-N-Out’s animal style fries. I’d rather just have normal fries with a side of ranch. I also think I may have missed a few places, but I hit all of my favs for sure!

I got groceries from Ralph’s and made stuff at home. Whenever I travel, wherever I am staying, friend’s, families, hotel, AirBnb, Vrbo, I always get snacks and things I can make so I can still go out without breaking the bank. I also try to go for lunch time, because usually the price is better. I also recommend checking out happy hour deals. Just in general when traveling, I bring my reusable water bottle, because 1. I’m a good person, 2. I care about the environment, and 3. Bottled water is expensive.

Where are your favorite places to eat in LA? Koreatown and taco trucks are on my to try list for next time. What was the best thing you ate in LA?

City of Angels

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