Metro Detroit Food

Lebanese, Detroit Coney dogs, Ray’s ice cream

From the second I land in Romulus*, my food brain is only thinking one thing: Lebanese. Shawarma, hummus, grape leaves, tabouli, falafel to name a few.**

*Detroit’s airpot, about 30 minutes from Detroit

**I did in fact eat all of those in my last trip to Michigan.

Detroit has one of the largest Middle Eastern populations in the US. Detroit is very diverse with many different ethnic populations, but I have yet to eat Lebanese or any Middle Eastern food that compares to the Detroit area. (I have yet to go to the Middle East so obviously that would come first).

The best places are pretty much any where in Dearborn. If you’re in more of the suburbs, La Saj in Troy is amazing. We went there and ate so much. I got salad and beef shawarma. My family split garlic sauce, hummus, pita, vegetarian grape leaves, and falafel. Another day we ordered take out and I had chicken shawarma sandwich, tabouli, hummus and pita.

The consistency of hummus you get there is so smooth. I have ate hummus and pita as an entire meal while living in Michigan. I wish I could describe it better, but it is just life-changing the first time you’ve had fresh, authentic hummus if you’ve only ever been eating the stuff from the plastic container at the grocery store.

I mean, is there any pretty way to take pictures of Coney dogs and Coney fries? The Detroit Coney dog contains beanless chili, yellow mustard and diced white onions, according to The Encyclopedia of Detroit. I got a Coney bacon dog as pictured with the cheese, but also had to get a Coney dog. We went to Lipuma’s in downtown Rochester. Lafayette and American Coney Island’s are in downtown Detroit and some of the best in the area. Also there’s tons of Coney Island’s around the metro Detroit area, like National Coney Island and Leo’s Coney Island. You can get a Coney dog and Coney fries there, but I usually get a Hani and Coney fries.

It only seems fair to end with a dessert. Ray’s ice cream has been around for years. My dad and I swung by there for a little dessert before dinner one evening. I had to get a hot fudge sundae with Mackinaw Island Fudge ice cream and Sanders hot fudge, two Michigan classics. It’s located in Royal Oak. Be prepared to wait a while. It’s popular for a reason! So many flavors and perfect on a hot summer day!

There’s so much more to metro Detroit cuisine. The city of Detroit has so much to offer. Not just cars. I didn’t even get into Mexican food in southwest, Vietnamese food in Madison Heights, trendy places in downtown, and Polish food to name a few. I hope this opens your heart, mind and stomach to Detroit and the metro area.

Side note: Sorry my pictures aren’t amazing. To be honest, I just wanted to eat everything and wasn’t thinking about capturing a great moment. Go eat some yourself and you’ll see what I mean.

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