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Los Angeles: April 2019

This was by far one of my favorite trips ever! In April, I traveled to Los Angeles for a week during my teacher Spring Break.

While there, I saw Venice Beach, Marina del Rey, Hollywood, Santa Monica Pier, Beverly Hills, The Getty, downtown LA to name a few. I also drove up through Malibu, along the coast and through the mountains. One of my best friends lives in Ventura. We saw Ventura as well as Santa Barbara. It sounds like I did a lot, which is true! Yet I still slept in, relaxed and didn’t feel like I was running around all the time.

People say LA is super expensive yet I managed to travel there and not spend a fortune. One of the things I realized when there is that a lot of the touristy things to do are free. Venice Beach? Free. The Getty? Free. Hollywood sign hike? Free!

If you don’t spend money on silly souvenirs, that saves a ton of money! Also I would travel by those Lime scooters to save time and money. They are way cheaper than Uber or Lyft. Still going on Uber or Lyft is cheaper than renting a car, especially with dealing with LA traffic.

Yes, I did do a lot of the touristy things. But also, I have never seen the Hollywood walk of fame or anything like that. Truly there is nothing quite like seeing all these places I’ve always heard about!

One of my favorite things was seeing Hollyhock House and Barnsdall Art Park. This is where scenes in Big Little Lies were filmed. I am an avid BLL fan so seeing the places in real life was thrilling. This was actually within walking distance from my AirBnb. The views of the Hills, Hollywood sign, the city of LA were breathtaking from a short walk up a hill.

I did do some minor hiking. I didn’t do Runyon or anything too strenuous, but maybe next time!

Stay tuned for much more to come! The food in LA is truly spectacular! I was that person who took way too many pictures the whole time, including of my food and drinks. Get ready for pictures of tacos, donuts, drinks, and In-N-Out!!

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